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North Wales Police Federation offer a range of services for members including support and personal.

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Pay & Conditions

Up to date information about Police Regulations, Pay, Leave, Pensions, Tax Relief and more.

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Pay & Conditions

Up to date information about Police Regulations, Pay, Leave, Pensions, Tax Relief and more.

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Find out more information about your rights and entitlements in Police Regulations. (more…)

Your Reps

Meet your reps and contact them regarding your issues. (more…)

Group Life Insurance

The North Wales Group Insurance Scheme

The North Wales Group Insurance Scheme is arranged by Philip Williams & Co…


North Wales Police Federation aim to effectively support our Officers and promote the efficiency of the North Wales Police.

We will endeavour to represent and negotiate for our members in a robust, open and honest manner to ensure that officers are treated fairly and considerately at all times by the Force.

We aim to provide a professional and caring service to our members with a view to fostering a relationship which is founded on trust, confidentiality and respect on both sides. We will endeavour to build on that relationship to determine the most appropriate support, advice and action relevant to the individual needs and issues.


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Huge congratulations to all the award winners at the Police Federation PoliceBravery Awards held at a fitting event at London’s Dorchester Hotel last Thursday.

North Wales Police nominee, PC Stephen Hooper was accompanied by his wife Michele and Sergeant Mark Jones representing the North Wales Police Federation. It was also an honour to have Assistant Chief Constable Richard Debicki attend plus Sam Roberts from the Police Federation of England & Wales.

Colleagues from Northumbria won the overall award following their truly heroic act when tackling a man armed with weapons including a loaded gun.

These acts by our brave officers are truly amazing and showcase why we have the best police service in the world.


PFEW have launched a national survey seeking members’ views on the routine arming of police officers

The last national survey on this issue was conducted in 2006. This survey will provide a fresh perspective from members and inform our policy on the issue.

The survey will go out direct to members via the National Member Database from 31st July (please note, the system takes a few days to complete delivery to all 123,000 members).

The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete – so please do take part.

It will remain open until 1 September 2017, with results expected towards the end of that month.




Freedom of Information

From April 3rd 2017 The Police Federation of England and Wales is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this site or on the access to information page, please send your request to FOI@polfed.org or write to us at:

Freedom of Information,

Federation House,

Highbury Drive,



KT22 7UY.


Further details are available on the Police Federation Publication scheme

Further information about the Freedom of Information Act 2000 can be found here


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