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North Wales Police Federation offer a range of services for members including support and personal.

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About us

The Police Federation of England and Wales is a staff association representing all federated ranks.Â

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Pay & Conditions

Up to date information about Police Regulations, Pay, Leave, Pensions, Tax Relief and more.

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Find out more information about your rights and entitlements in Police Regulations. (more…)

Your Reps

Meet your reps and contact them regarding your issues. (more…)


Group Life Insurance

Download policy documents and find out more about our Group Life Insurance Scheme, provided by Police Mutual.


North Wales Police Federation aim to effectively support our Officers and promote the efficiency of the North Wales Police.

We will endeavour to represent and negotiate for our members in a robust, open and honest manner to ensure that officers are treated fairly and considerately at all times by the Force.

We aim to provide a professional and caring service to our members with a view to fostering a relationship which is founded on trust, confidentiality and respect on both sides. We will endeavour to build on that relationship to determine the most appropriate support, advice and action relevant to the individual needs and issues.

Latest News/Offers

Be part of something special this Christmas




This Christmas you are being encouraged to take part in an online flash mob as a way of promoting the incredible job you do all-year round.

While the vast majority of the general public will be swapping presents and tucking into their turkey on 25 December, many of you will instead be away from your friends and families and potentially putting your lives on the line to keep our communities safe.

As part of the Police Federation’s ongoing Believe in Blue campaign to raise awareness of the hugely valuable role that you carry out, please join and share our Thunderclap now to highlight your efforts at this particular time of year.

A Thunderclap is a social media technique, proven to create a surge of support by pushing a message out widely across social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone who signs up to the Thunderclap will have the same message – “I’m saying thank you to the police officers who protect us 24/7. I #BelieveinBlue” – posted on their social media accounts at 12pm on Wednesday 14 December.

Since the launch of Believe in Blue earlier this year there has been tremendous support for the campaign, which shares stories of hard-working and exceptional police officers. More than 100 personal stories have already been added to the Believe in Blue website – from officers helping to deliver babies to saving members of the public from car crashes and open water.

Please sign up and share the Thunderclap now with your friends and families (before 14 December!) so we can gain as much momentum as possible and highlight the remarkable work that you do every single day.

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