FedAdmin@northwales.police.uk Phone: 01492 805400

Arc Assistance Services

Legal and Tax Helpline: 0844 770 1058

Use the 24 hour advisory service for telephone advice on any private legal or taxation matter of concern to you.

When you call say that you are a Member of the North Wales Police Federation Legal Expenses Scheme, or that you are a Member of his or her family. We will ask you for a brief summary of the problem and pass these details on to an Adviser who will return your call.

Childcare Assistance Service: 0844 770 1036

If you need help finding  a childminder, nanny or children’s nurse we will assist by giving you information on the organisations that hold details of accredited specialists in these areas. We will give you guidance to help you make an informed decision but we cannot recommend any particular individual or organization.

Domestic Helpline: 0844 770 1041

Use the helpline following an emergency in the home for which a tradesman’s assistance is required. The helpline will source and deploy an approved tradesman to your home. You will be responsible for the tradesman’s charges. Where appropriate we may substitute deployment of a tradesman with the provision of technical advice over the telephone giving you the means to rectify the problem yourself.

Lifestyle Counselling Helpline & Online Support Service

You can access the Lifestyle Counselling Helpline on 0844 770 1036 or You can access the Online Support Service by visiting www.arclegal.co.uk/carefirst where you will be required to enter a username and password. (Available from the Federation Office Ext 05400)

This service can help with a range of problems from practical everyday matters to sensitive or emotional issues. Our specialists will help you deal with personal relationship problems, problems with colleagues in the workplace and other issues affecting your general wellbeing.

Counsellors and information specialists are also trained to help you with practical problems like debt. The helpline is complemented by a comprehensive online information and support service, through which you can access information and advice on a range of issues and problems which often impact on everyday life. Topics are diverse and include relationships, childcare issues, consumer issues, stress, health and fitness. Information is updated regularly by a team of experienced counsellors and information specialists.

Arc Online Legal Document Service

Almost everyone has a need for legal assistance or to prepare some kind of legal contract during their lifetime, whether it’s because you’re writing a Will, need to get divorced, wish to complain about substandard work by a builder, or a host of other possible reasons. Fortunately these, and many other situations, can be dealt with using Law Assistance which provides you with all of the tools to create legal documents at a fraction of the cost of visiting a solicitor, but without sacrificing any quality or confidence in the legal document you will receive.

They can help you…

There are many more issues that the service can help you with so we suggest you follow the link to www.arclegal.co.uk/legaldocuments to find out!

The service can be accessed by visiting www.lawassistance.co.uk/la/arc where you can register your details using the registration voucher code available from your Federation office. ( Contact Ext 05400)