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North Wales Police Benevolent Fund

The fund is a Registered Charity and provides assistance with grants and interest free loans to assist Officers and retired Officers and their dependents that are experiencing hardship.

The fund meets regularly to consider applications for assistance.

Typically these will cover issues such as provision for equipment for Officers and dependents to assist with over-coming disabilities. This can include things like providing stair lifts, walk in showers, wheel chairs etc. and the fund is not limited in the assistance and provision it can provide in this area.

The fund can also assist Officers suffering short-term financial hardship who are struggling with basic living requirements such as meeting priority debts.

Increasingly applications are being received to assist with debt problems.

It should be remembered that the fund is a charity and should always be the last resort, if other solutions are available then these should be considered first and an application that does not consider other options is unlikely to succeed.

When assisting with debt the fund will require evidence that a loan or grant will represent a solution to the problem.

To assist in their decision making the committee members would look for evidence that the applicant has sought professional advice.

The fund will assist with applications if no other solution is viable.

To apply for assistance you will need to discuss the matter with a Trustee and fill out a simple application form. This will include a non-intrusive and simple income and expenditure questionnaire.

All applications are treated in the strictest of confidence.

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