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C2 Application for Legal Advice


You can download the C2 Application for legal assistance here

You may wish to note that to qualify for the support of the Police Federation a member must face criminal proceedings brought against him/her for any offence committed in, or founded upon, something done in the performance or purported performance of his duties as a member of a police force.

Could you please deal urgently with this matter in order that your application can be processed without delay.

Would you please complete the form and return it to this office together with a photocopy of the Regulation 15 Notice, and a signed TYPED STATEMENT setting out the circumstances of the alleged incident, including whether or not you were on or off duty at the time of the allegation/incident. This statement should also contain a request for assistance from the Federation. If you receive a summons, please send a copy to this office as this is required at Leatherhead. If necessary, you should contact the Magistrates’ Clerks’ Office to request an adjournment.

On receipt at this Office, your completed application will be forwarded to the National Federation Office at Leatherhead for the necessary approval. Normally within a week, your nominated solicitor will be contacted direct by our Leatherhead Office with written authority to act on your behalf within the terms of the Police Federation instructions. Therefore, after about a week, please contact your nominated solicitor to confirm that he/she has been authorised to act for you before making any appointment for a consultation regarding your case.

Solicitors instructed by the Police Federation are authorised to represent you at locally agreed legal aid rates and on the basis that you have not consulted your own solicitor(s) in this matter. This is very important to you because if you do consult/instruct your private solicitor(s) there could be difficulties in the solicitor(s) instructed by the Police Federation taking over your case. Furthermore, you could be faced with a bill of costs from your own solicitor(s) which cannot be met from Police Federation funds.

Please do not assume that completion and submission of your application form to this office will automatically give you the necessary authority to consult your solicitor. Your nominated solicitor is not authorised to act on your behalf until he/she receives the written instructions from our Leatherhead office.

Yours sincerely,

R.W. Eccles,
J.B.B. Secretary

You can download the C2 Application for legal assistance here