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CCC Conference

Police minister questioned over reform of Federation Police Minister Damian Green refused to be drawn on whether the Government would force through Police Federation reform during the Constables’ Central Committee separate meeting this morning.

Mr Green was asked the question several times by facilitator Ian Collins and whilst he refused to be drawn on enforced change for the Federation Mr Green clearly felt that the Federation’s future was in their own hands this week and said that he would wait to see what was decided at conference

The Police Minister took part in a Question Time style panel session alongside other panelists including Shadow Police Minister Jack Dromey who, in his speech, said the debate around the Police Federation had become unbalanced

In his keynote speech to the constables, chair Will Riches, who has put himself forward for the role of national chairman in an election to be held on Friday, gave a commitment to reform of the Federation but stressed that it was for the Federation itself to decide its future.

“It’s down to all of us to make sure that we get it right,” he said, adding “We have a unique opportunity to drive forward change for the better, for the benefit of everyone.”

Having acknowledged the challenges of the past year, he continued: “I want this Federation to rise again; our Federation.”

He concluded: “We are makers of our own destiny and our Police Federation will be strong again.”