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Changes to your Group Insurance

The Trustees of the North Wales Group Insurance Scheme have undertaken a major review of the scheme. As part of this process we looked to unify many elements of the four varying Group Insurance Schemes in Wales with the aim to improve cover and to build a more resilient scheme.

This process has enabled us to standardise many of the benefits and levels of cover provided for all the Welsh Federations. This review means that your current Scheme Benefits have changed as below:

• Life Insurance cover has increased from £110,000 to £120,000. • Critical Illness Cover has increased to £10,000.

• The Travel Insurance Policy now covers dependent children up to the age of 23, and includes children who are travelling independently from the member.

• The Convalescent Benefit has been standardised at £70 per treatment period, irrespective of whether you attend Auchterader or Harrogate.

• RedArc Care Advisory Service, which was introduced last year for all Police Officers, will be available to Group Insurance members only.

We have also introduced a new benefit which provides you with unlimited 24/7 access to a practising UK-based GP from wherever you are in the world. Consultations are available 24/7 by phone or by video consultation.

Why is the change taking place?

A number of current benefits were due for renewal, and as part of this process the Trustees have researched other available products in the insurance marketplace, to both modernise the scheme, and provide better value for money to members.

These changes have been introduced to ensure the best long-term stability of the scheme for the benefit of the majority of members.

You can find out more about the changes here