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Conduct Investigations

Allegations against members do not always arise from complaints from the public. There are instances where members may be suspected of having committed a criminal or conduct offence either as a result of a complaint, an allegation from a colleague or from some other source which may result in a formal investigation.

In any such case, members may be subject to both a criminal investigation and an internal conduct investigation.

Where there is a criminal investigation a member has the same rights as any individual who is investigated for an alleged criminal offence under the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

If you are the subject of a complaint you should engage the services of a trained Police Federation “friend” at the earliest opportunity.

Please select a suitably qualified “friend” from the list posted under “Your Reps” on this site or by contacting the Federation Office on 05400.

A member has the right to consult with this “friend” at all stages of the investigation. It is important to seek advice at the earliest possible stage and certainly prior to making any formal statement.

The full extent of the allegation may not be known until the service of a written notice is made. It is accepted that other than in exceptional circumstances this notice should be served very shortly after receipt of the allegation.

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