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Conference week gets underway

Conference week gets underway

Delegates from Police Federations across England and Wales gather in Bournemouth’s BIC today for the start of what is being billed as their most important annual conference ever.

The week is set to be dominated by discussions around Sir David Normington’s independent review of the Police Federation and its 36 recommendations.

“The Federation has found itself under intense scrutiny for the last 18 months so it is vital that we debate the review report and start to move forward with implementing reform,” says Richard Eccles, the North Wales Police Federation Secretary.

This morning, the three separate Federation ranks will hold their own meetings before the main conference is opened in the afternoon by chairman Steve Williams, who retires at the end of this week.

Home Secretary Theresa May will address conference on Wednesday morning before taking part in a question and answer session with delegates.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Federation’s annual general meeting, during which the review report will be debated, will begin.

Regular updates from conference will be posted on this website and a special edition of Your Voice, the North Wales Police Federation magazine, will be published in early June.