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Damian Green, Police Minister, Questionned Over G8 Summit

Police Minister, Damian Green, Questioned Over G8 Summit
Police Minister’s assurance on mutual aid – Police Minister, Damian Green, has agreed to look into the issue of pay and conditions for   police officers deployed on mutual aid for next month’s G8 summit in Northern Ireland.The assurance came in a response to a question from our Federation Secretary, Richard Eccles, who, during a panel session involving the Police Minister at the Constables’ Central Committee (CCC) meeting this morning, asked that the matter be dealt with urgently so that it was resolved before officers were deployed.In opening the meeting the CCC Chairman, Will Riches, called on Government Ministers to listen to what officers had to say about   policing and argued that constables were hardest hit by the changes imposed as a result of the Winsor reports.

“We are the front-line and we will tell you how it is, warts and all,” he told ministers and concluded: “Constables are the front-line, we are at the sharp end of change.”

The opening session included a minute’s silence to the 44 constables who died in service in 2012.