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Defamation Claims

Defamation Claims are amongst the most difficult to prove as the law on libel/defamation/slander is complicated and gives the accused many avenues along which to claim that their comments/writings were justifiable or fair comment. The only remedies available under law are, compensatory payment, together with costs or in exceptional cases an injunction restraining the defendant from further publishing the allegations complained of. There is also no prospect of instigating such proceedings simply to obtain an apology, public or otherwise.

Please click on the below link to view an advice card issued by our Federation retained solicitors, Slater & Gordon Lawyers, which is meant to assist Joint Branch Board Secretaries in their decision making on whether or not to send members’ claims in such defamation matters for legal advice. Where it is clear to Joint Branch Boards that any submitted claim has less than 50% chance of success it will unfortunately be refused locally.

Defamation Guide

What the Fund Rules Say