Demand, Capacity and Welfare survey

An opportunity for rank and file police officers to give their views on policing the pandemic.

The Demand, Capacity & Welfare Survey launches today. It is the only national survey which captures officers’ views on the demand and pressures they face day to day and gives a critical insight into the welfare of officers.

The survey hands every officer from the rank of Constable to Chief Inspector the opportunity to help shape PFEW’s future policy on a range of issues and to describe how these impacted on them.

The survey is designed to provide a fuller picture of the main challenges currently facing policing and includes bespoke questions around officers’ experiences of working during the pandemic, and the plan to recruit an additional 20,000 officers by 2023.

Other topics covered include resilience within the police service, the day-to-day demands facing officers and the stress and impact on their mental health and welfare.

PFEW National Vice Chair and Mental Health Lead Ché Donald said: “Over the last decade we have lost more than 20,000 officers, and although the Government’s recruitment drive is on track, it will take many years for the benefits to be felt. My exhausted colleagues are still buckling under an enormous amount of pressure which has been exacerbated as they continue policing the pandemic.”

More than 18,000 officers took part in the previous Demand, Capacity & Welfare Survey. This year PFEW hopes to see this number increase to over 20,000.

Mr Donald added: “We greatly appreciate members taking the time to support the service by filling in this survey, and the information provided will be used to inform our policy development and help us to support and represent colleagues.

“It is critical their voices are heard to keep people at the highest levels of policing informed of the reality of policing to build awareness, influence and most importantly initiate action and positive change for the greater good of our members.”

Officers will receive an invitation link to take part to their registered email address, and the survey should take between 30-40 minutes to complete.

If you haven’t received a link to the 2020 survey contact the Federation office for further information.