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Do these Standards apply when I am off duty?

In considering whether a police officer has acted in a way which falls below these standards while off-duty, due regard should be given to that balance and any action should be proportionate taking into account all of the circumstances.

Even when off duty, police officers do not behave in a manner that discredits the police service or undermines public confidence.

In determining whether a police officer’s off-duty conduct discredits the police service, the test is not whether the police officer discredits herself or himself but the police service as a whole.

Police officers are particularly aware of the image that they portray when representing the police service in an official capacity even though they may be off-duty (e.g. at a conference).

When police officers produce their warrant card (other than for identification purposes only) or act in a way to suggest that they are acting in their capacity as a police officer (e.g. declaring that they are a police officer) they are demonstrating that they are exercising their authority and have therefore put themselves on duty and will act in a way which conforms to these standards. For example, during a dispute with a neighbour a police officer who decides to produce a warrant card would be considered to be on duty.