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Different provisions apply depending on whether or not you area full-time or part-time Officer or are working a variable shift arrangement.

If you are working part-time or on a variable shift arrangement separate information is available from your J.B.B. Office.

What follows hereafter is concerned only with the position of members working full-time and not working variable shift arrangements.

Constables and Sergeants

Normal Period of Duty

a) The normal daily period of duty (including refreshments) is eight hours.
b) as far as the exigencies of duty permit:
i) a normal daily period of duty is performed in one tour of duty, and
ii) an interval of 45 minutes should be allowed for refreshments.
c) Where a normal duty period is performed in more than one tour and you do not travel to and from home between tours, an interval for refreshment and rest should normally be included at the beginning or end of one of those tours.
d) A “day” means a period of 24 hours commencing at such time as the Chief Officer may fix.

Inspectors and Chief Inspectors

The Regulations do not require rosters to be published for members of the rank of Inspector and Chief Inspectors. Inspectors are neither entitled to overtime allowances nor rest day or public holiday working allowances.

An Inspector or Chief Inspector, so far as the exigencies of duty permit, are allowed a day’s leave on each public holiday and granted rest days at a rate of two rest days in each week.

Where the exigencies of duty have precluded this during the next following twelve months and so far as the exigencies of duty permit, you should be granted a day’s leave in lieu of any such day not allowed or granted.

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