Eight Point Plan – supporting our officers, staff and volunteers

A pledge to ensure that officers, staff and volunteers are given the right welfare and support after they have been assaulted has been given full backing by North Wales Police, The Police and Crime Commissioner and the North Wales Police Federation.

Photograph of Mark Jones - Federation, Arfon Jones - Police & Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable Carl Foulkes

The ‘Eight Point plan’ – which pledges to improve the way the Force investigates assaults on officers, staff and volunteers when on duty, aims to ensure they are given the right welfare and support and gather learning on how to prevent similar future incidents.

This plan is driven by the Police Federation and supported by the Superintendents Association and Unison.

Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said: “I am firmly of the view that injury or assault should never be acceptable or seen as the norm and I am proud to launch this plan to reinforce that view.

“A message needs to go out that an assault on an officer will not be tolerated as part of their job. An assault on an officer is an assault on society and any sentence given needs to send out a strong message that acts such as these will never be tolerated.

“Let us all take responsibility to ensure that we fully exploit all evidential opportunities on every single police assault incident to secure that conviction. Evidence such as body worn video, detailed officer statements, photographs of injuries and so on.”

Tougher sentences will now await those who attack blue light workers thanks to a new law which took effect last month.

The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act became law two months after receiving Royal Assent and establishes a new aggravated offence of assault against a member of the emergency services. It provides for a doubling of the maximum sentence from six to twelve months.

Mr Foulkes added: “Most importantly, this is about us as an organisation fully supporting our staff when they have been subjected to an assault. We promise to make sure that they have the welfare support they deserve in their time of need.

“This is absolutely the right thing to do to fully support our colleagues who courageously put their safety on the line each and every day.”

Mark Jones, North Wales Police Federation Secretary and Treasurer said: “The Police Federation are proud to support the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable in championing the ‘8 Point Plan’ and further emphasises our Protect the Protectors Campaign.

“We should collectively support our colleagues and ensure justice is delivered when they have been subjected to unacceptable assaults. The plan will give a framework for supervisors to follow and ensure that all measures have been taken to care for assaulted officers, for opportunities to learn and make sure we secure appropriate and robust sentences.

“Managers and supervisors are critical to ensuring that each and every point is completed and that all departments and partners work together to send an unequivocal message that assaults on police will never be accepted and those responsible should face prosecution.”