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Ethical Interviews

• To seek a truthful account of an allegation.
• To seek a resolution to an allegation which may include “informal advice”, (which is not recorded) or training.

• Normally only used for minor allegations.
• Usually used as a last resort where it has been impossible to prove or disprove an allegation but where there is some form of corroboration to support the allegation.
• Will not be used in any Criminal or Discipline hearing unless an admission is made which relates to a more serious matter which falls outside the allegation being investigated.

Member of staff is given a warning regarding this before the interview. The warning used will be similar to the one given to an officer prior to an informal resolution interview. The purpose is to encourage the member of staff to give a truthful account without the fear of being punished.
• An admission can be used to set an action plan to prevent the “misconduct” being repeated. This may include training or advice. This is not to be seen as a sanction and will not be recorded.
• A member of staff can be accompanied by a “friend” during the interview.
• Notes may be taken during the interview which can be used as part of an “action plan”.

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