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Find out more information about your rights and entitlements in Police Regulations.
Quick Reference Guide 2018 – Police Regulations & Determinations
Police Federation Fund Rules
Advancing the start of duty from the rostered time
Annual Leave
Annual Leave Compensation
Benevolent Fund
Body Armour and Underwire Bras
Breach of Confidence
Bullying and Harrassment
Captor/Taser – Carrying in Court Buildings
Compensation for duty on a public holiday
Conduct Investigations
Court Appearances – whilst absent due to illness
Duty changes – police regulation 22
Duty Statements
Ethical Interviews
Equality and Diversity
Eye Examination and Glasses
Flexible Working
Free Arriva Travel
Guide to Ill-Health Retirement Process
Guidelines for the management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD)
Hardship Allowance
Injury sustained on duty
Lawful Orders
Local Resolution
Maternity & Adoption Support Leave
Misconduct Notice – What do I need to do
Near Miss Reporting
Off Duty Telephone Calls
Officers Attendance at Court Protocol
On Call
OSPRE Part 1 & 2 – Duty Time & Expenses
Overnight Allowance
Overtime – When can I claim
Part Time Working – duties and remuneration
Pay – FAQ on Non-Consolidated Police Pay Award for 2017/18
Pensions – PFEW FAQ’s
Pensions Added Calculator
Pension Queries – Contact Details
Pensions’ Tax Relief – Annual Allowance
Pensions – Changes to Police Pensions Scheme wef 01.04.15
Pensions – Short Service Pension and the 1987 scheme
Pensions – Auto-enrolment
Personal Injuries – On or Off Duty
Police Pursuits – Insurance Liability
Post Incident Procedure (PIP)
Proportionate Investigations
Protected Pension Age: Retirement and Re-employment
Recall to duty
Reduction in pay due to absence from work
Refreshment Breaks
Rest Days
Rest Periods between Shifts
Retirement Grant from General Fund
Seconded Officers – Guidance
Sickness whilst on leave
Sporting Injuries
Tax Relief
Term time leave – taking children out of school
Time off for Dependants
Training Course Expenses
Travel Expenses
Travel Time
Unpaid Court Compensation for Assault
Unsocial Hours Allowance
Voluntary Payroll Deductions
Voluntary Exit Scheme
Where can I find advice regarding Flexible Working?
Winsor Days