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Find out more information about your rights and entitlements in Police Regulations.

Quick Reference Guide 2022 – Police Regulations & Determinations
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Police Federation Fund Rules
Allowances, Travel and Expenses
Annual Leave
Breach of Confidence
Compensation for duty on a public holiday
Court Appearances – whilst absent due to illness
Equality – includes PFEW maternity and flexible working guides
Family and Friends – How to support wellbeing
Guide to Ill-Health Retirement Process
Guidelines for the management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD)
Health and Safety
Lawful Orders


North Wales Police Benevolent Fund

Off Duty Telephone Calls
Officers Attendance at Court Protocol
On Call
OSPRE Part 1 & 2 – Duty Time & Expenses
Overtime – Rest Day – Annual Leave & Public Holiday Working Map
Pensions and Retirement
Police Pursuits – Insurance Liability
Post Incident Procedure (PIP)
Reduction in pay due to absence from work
Seconded Officers – Guidance
Tax Relief
Unpaid Court Compensation for Assault
Voluntary Payroll Deductions
Voluntary Exit Scheme
Winsor Days