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Find out more information about your rights and entitlements in Police Regulations.
Quick Reference Guide 2016 – Police Regulations & Determinations
Police Federation Fund Rules
Advancing the start of duty from the rostered time
Annual Leave
Benevolent Fund
Body Armour and Underwire Bras
Breach of Confidence
Bullying and Harrassment
Captor/Taser – Carrying in Court Buildings
Compensation for duty on a public holiday
Conduct Investigations
Court Appearances – whilst absent due to illness
Data Protection – Your Rights
Data Protection – Computer Misuse
Duty Statements
Ethical Interviews
Eye Examination and Glasses
Flexible Working
Free Arriva Travel
Guide to Ill-Health Retirement Process
Guidelines for the management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD)
Hardship Allowance
Injury sustained on duty
Lawful Orders
Local Resolution
Maternity & Adoption Support Leave
Misconduct Notice – What do I need to do
Near Miss Reporting
Off Duty Telephone Calls
Officers Attendance at Court Protocol
On Call
OSPRE Part 1 & 2 – Duty Time & Expenses
Overnight Allowance
Overtime – When can I claim
Part Time – duties and remuneration
Pay – FAQ on Non-Consolidated Police Pay Award for 2017/18
Pensions Added Calculator
Pension Queries – Contact Details
Pensions’ Tax Relief – Annual Allowance
Pensions – Changes to Police Pensions Scheme wef 01.04.15
Pensions – Auto-enrolment
Personal Injuries – On or Off Duty
Police Pursuits – Insurance Liability
Proportionate Investigations
Protected Pension Age: Retirement and Re-employment
Recall to duty
Reduction in pay due to absence from work
Refreshment Breaks
Rest Days
Rest Periods between Shifts
Retirement Grant from General Fund
Road Traffic Defence
Seconded Officers – Guidance
Sickness whilst on leave
Sporting Injuries
Student Officers
Tax Relief
Term time leave – taking children out of school
Time off for Dependants
Training Course Expenses
Travel Time
Unpaid Court Compensation for Assault
Unsocial Hours Allowance
Voluntary Payroll Deductions
Voluntary Exit Scheme
Where can I find advice regarding Flexible Working?
Winsor Days
Working Time Regulations