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General & Benevolent Funds

Funding to assist you

Have you heard of the General and Benevolent Funds? By the time you need them it may be too late.

What are they? They are two entirely separate funds providing a similar service.

General Fund – provides support and financial assistance to serving police officers and their families at times of need. Members contribute a monthly sum of £2.00 to the Fund. The money may be used to provide monetary loans, grants and travelling costs to members at times of financial need. For example if a close relative of a member’s family is hospitalised or requires regular hospital treatment, assistance may be given with the cost of travelling. The Fund may also provide interest free loans to members during times of financial hardships. The fund also provides death grants of £2,500 to members following the loss of a child or partner, removing the financial worry at this tragic time. A similar payment is made to the surviving partner following the death of a serving member.  The Fund also provides travelling expenses to the Police Treatment Centres and a retirement grant of £200.

If you’re a serving officer, check your pay slip. It’s never too late to become a member.

Benevolent Fund – provides support and financial assistance to former police officers and their families at times of need. For example, providing grants to former officers who are disabled to purchase specialist equipment, which enhances their quality of life. It is a registered charity and depends on donations and bequests from members of the public. All donations to the Benevolent Fund can be sent to the Secretary, Mel Jones, at the Federation Office, 311 Abergele Road, Old Colwyn. LL29 9YF. If considering a charitable bequest when preparing your will, please remember this worthwhile fund.

Chairperson: Superintendent Simon Williams Ext 08373
Secretary / Treasurer: Mel Jones, Ext 05404