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Group Life Insurance

The North Wales Group Insurance Scheme

Available to all Police Officers and Police Staff.

The North Wales Group Insurance Scheme is arranged by Philip Williams (G Ins) Management Ltd and includes:

Life Insurance – £120,000 Serving Members/£70,000 Partner

Personal Accident – Up to £100,000 for Permanent Total Disablement

Critical Illness – Up to £10,000

Legal Expenses – Legal Document Service & Telephone Counselling

Family Worldwide Travel Insurance

Family Motor Breakdown Cover

24 Hour GP Service

Health Assured

The cost of Group Insurance to North Wales Police Members is:
Serving: £21.50 per month
Partner: £10.60 per month

Compare the cost with typical annual High Street prices


Philip Williams & Co are once again accepting new applications to the scheme. There is, however, still some delay with any applications that need GP information, as obtaining this is not always quick under the current circumstances.


COVID-19 and Group Insurance Travel Cover

Phillip Williams and Co have provided an update for all Group Insurance members who might be travelling in the near future. You can view the update here

Philip Williams and Co understand that some members may be having problems dealing with travel companies regarding obtaining refunds and have provided a template letter from LIM which may assist. Please click HERE

Philip Williams and Co have provided further advice re COVID-19, including travel advice to customers seeking refunds and with forward bookings, Coronavirus Q&A’S and Advice for ABTA members.  Please click HERE

Medical Solutions have provided a message regarding the impact of the COVID-19 virus upon the services of Health Assured.  To view, please click here.


Important Policy Documents

Application Form On Duty Assault Claim Form Travel Insurance Policy
Member Beneficiary Form Critical Illness Claim Form Vehicle Breakdown Schedule & Policy
Partner Beneficiary Form Hospital Benefit Claim Form Life Insurance Policy
Convalescent Benefit Claim Form Unsociable Hours Claim Form & Privacy Notice Critical Illness Policy
GP24 Service Criminal Court Award Compensation Claim Form Legal Expenses Schedule & Policy
Philip Williams (G Ins) Management Ltd Privacy Notice Dental Injury Emergency Claim Form Personal Accident Schedule & Policy