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Hero Officers recognised at Police Bravery Awards Ceremony

Some of the finest officers in England and Wales are set to be honoured at the national Police Bravery Awards today.

North Wales Police nominee PC Gareth Jaggard showed incredible bravery by going alone in a search of an armed offender in the dark.

PC Jaggard about to go into the Downing Street Reception

North Wales Police received a call that a petrol station had been robbed by an offender with a knife, so PC Gareth Jaggard and two other officers responded. Using his local knowledge, PC Jaggard got out of the police vehicle on the way to the petrol station to try to intercept the suspect leaving the scene.

The other officers carried on to the petrol station to help the victim, who had been working alone and was traumatised by the incident. PC Jaggard quickly found the suspect climbing over a wall fleeing from the direction of the petrol station. The officer was fully aware that the suspect had a knife but managed to contain the man using his communication skills and Taser. He also pressed the red button on his radio to help other officers find his location.

PC Jaggard was joined by colleagues who arrested the suspect just six minutes after the original alarm call. Using the officer’s observations of the suspect the knife was recovered nearby, as he had heard him drop it.

You can watch the award ceremony live from 9pm