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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice

What is it?

  • The Reflective Practice Review Process (RPRP) is a brand new process designed to give officers and line managers an opportunity to discuss where things have gone wrong and to look for ways of addressing issues.
  • RPRP is not a disciplinary process and it sits above normal management interventions on minor matters.
  • Matters may be referred directly from managers as well as by way of public complaint or other means.
  • It is not a misconduct finding and is designed to be a way of dealing with relatively low-level misconduct or performance issues in a proportionate way. This means, that RPRP cannot be used to block promotions or Job moves

The Process

  • You will be informed that you are subject to RPRP, and this may be in writing.
  • You will be invited to give your version of events and have five working days to do so.
  • You may seek advice from a Fed Rep/ Staff Association at this stage.
  • You will be invited to a Reflective Practice Review Discussion” with your line manager

The Reflective Practice Discussion

  • Whilst the Regulations state there is no entitlement to have a Federation Representative present during this meeting, it is always worth consideration so as to support you before, during and throughout this process.
  • This is about being open to learning and the message is clear for those subjects of this process, that learning where appropriate is and will to be adopted.
  • However, there is an expectation of engagement – failing to engage could result in formal proceedings.
  • The discussion will encompass the incident that lead to RPRP, learning, training needs, welfare, and actions moving forward.
  • It is an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, or what could go better next time.
  • Officers can speak freely because matters discussed about the reasons for the Reflective Practice Review Discussion cannot be used in any misconduct proceedings in the future.
  • If an officer fails to sufficiently engage with the RP process, they may be moved on to the UPP process if appropriate.

The Report

  • After the discussion a report will be completed by the line manager which will be retained and reviewed.
  • The report will include what was discussed, as well as any actions agreed if any, moving forward.