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Injury Sustained on Duty

Any injury suffered whilst on duty (e.g. assault, a road traffic accident, falling over loose equipment, disease, stress, etc.,) should be reported to your supervisor for inclusion on the Think Right website.

You should also advise the Dept of Work and Pensions (DWP) using the form BI100A in order to have it classed as an industrial injury.

They may invite you to claim for industrial disablement benefits.  This is an entitlement and may assist in getting an ill health/injury pension, even at a much later date.

It also covers you should that injury cause further aggravation or deterioration.

Officers and their family injured through the negligence of a third party may apply for legal assistance to pursue a civil claim.

If the compensation is assessed at under £1,000 a guidance pack is available to pursue a claim through the Small Claims Court.

Click here for further information about the DWP Industrial Injuries Benefit  (external link)

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