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Local Resolution

This is the simplest and most flexible way for people to tell the Police
their perspective of what happened and find out why it happened.

The IOPC believes that more complaints could be dealt with this way and is keen to build Officer and staff confidence in this method.

The Police Federation fully supports Local Resolution as a process for dealing with complaints.

Handled professionally, this approach will have a positive impact on the
Community’s views about policing in their area and should lead to
increased public confidence and better two-way communication.

Local Resolution is not about blame or discipline and these cases should
not be referred to in your personal development plans, staff appraisals or in any subsequent misconduct hearing.

Conduct Notices are not necessary during Local Resolution and
nothing an Officer says during Local Resolution can be used later in
a misconduct process for the same matter.

Your supervisors will usually deal with Local Resolutions and you may be
asked to comment on the complaint.

Any explanation you give is purely voluntary and this can be passed on to the complainant if you wish.

Nobody can apologise on your behalf unless you specifically authorise
them to do so.

If you accept all or some of the events subject to the complaint and/or have an explanation for your actions and want it passed on to the complainant, this can be done.

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