North Wales Police Officers assaulted whilst assisting other agencies

Five North Wales Police officers have been viciously spat at, punched and kicked overnight whilst assisting NHS staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. The officers had been called to the respective hospitals to assist with aggressive and disruptive patients and protect the hospital staff.


Despite the appalling circumstances and situation faced by the officers, and being subjected to disgusting and demeaning attack, all of the officers remained on duty to continue to protect the public.


Thankfully, although no serious injuries were sustained, there is no doubt that these attacks will have an impact upon the officers involved.


Mark Jones, from North Wales Police Federation said: “Yet again, police officers are becoming victim to unprovoked, vile and totally unacceptable assaults whilst they are undertaking their duties in protecting the public. It is worth emphasising that these particular assaults last night were directly as a result of a call to help our emergency service colleagues within our local hospitals.

“Attacks and assaults on police officers will never be accepted as being ‘just part of the job’, and it is time that society and those in a position of power recognise this.


“The officers involved in last nights’ assaults are receiving welfare support from North Wales Police Federation, ensuing they are cared for after being on the receiving end of such appalling behaviour.”


The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill 2017-19, which has been instigated by the Police Federation of England and Wales ‘Protect The Protectors’ campaign, is progressing through Parliament. It is awaiting its’ third reading, where final amendments can be made, scheduled for 24 July. This legislation aims to bring in tougher sentencing for those who attack all emergency service workers.