Northern Police Healthcare Scheme now available to North Wales Police Federation members and Police Staff!

North Wales Police Federation members and Police Staff now have access to cost effective private health cover through The Northern Police Healthcare Scheme.

The Scheme, which was established in 1989, is a self-financing Scheme set up under a Trust Deed to provide private medical advice and treatment to subscribing members and their dependants.

The main objective of the Scheme is to make the advantages of private medical care available to Federation members and police staff at a reasonable cost, representing very good value for money and is still much lower than most other Schemes.

Serving Officers, and eligible Police Staff* who are Members of the Scheme will also receive FREE Police Treatment Centre Membership .

And, scheme members have the opportunity to rent the Northern Police Healthcare Scheme barn conversions in Wandylaw, Northumberland at vastly discounted prices.

The Scheme also includes an alternative cash benefit for NHS treatment (currently £100 a night or £100 for Day Case surgery) and all benefits are payable at the Trustees’ discretion.

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