NWP Chair, Simon Newport, is appearing as a panel guest tonight on BBC Wales ‘The Hour’

Under discussion will be whether Wales needs a new approach to crime.

Some are arguing that you get what you pay for, and funding for the police needs to be increased, others say that is just throwing money at the problem, and we need to be tougher on the causes of crime – poverty, poor employment prospects, and even bad parenting.


With Wrexham host to the UK’s biggest superprison, the role of prison in our approach to crime will also be in the spotlight. Should we impose tougher sentences? Invest more in our prisons to ensure that they help criminals to go straight once they are on the outside again? Or should we take some offences, such as Class B drugs, out of the criminal justice system altogether?

As always, The Hour will be asking the tough questions, and getting to the heart of the matter.