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Officers question Home Secretary

Officers question Home Secretary

Delegates made full use of the opportunity to put questions to the Home Secretary during her visit to conference on Wednesday morning.

The conference hall was packed for the keynote speech of the national Chairman Steve Williams which was followed by a response from Theresa May.

While she had few words of comfort for the audience, she was applauded when she announced plans to ensure that life should mean life for those sentenced for murdering police officers.

Richard EcclesRichard Eccles, Secretary of North Wales Police Federation, was among delegates to take part in the question and answer session asking the Home Secretary if she would be giving her views on the future operating model of the Police Federation.

Ms May said it was not for her to have a view on the future of the Federation.

The national Chairman’s address included a call for the Federation’s officials to stop fighting among themselves and start fighting for their membership and the future of the police service.

National Chairs full speech to Conference

Home Sec’s full speech to Conference

Full reports on all conference sessions will appear in the June edition of Your Voice magazine.