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OSPRE Part 1 and 2

Duty Time/Expenses for candidates participating in OSPRE Part 1 and 2

1. Duty time will be allowed for Officers taking part in OSPRE Part 1 & 2
2. Travel time will also be allowed
3. There is no provision for time off being given for preparation work on either Parts of the OSPRE Exam. This includes the Guidance documents for the exams which should be read well in advance of the exam as part of a candidate’s preparation.
4. It is acknowledged that internal OSPRE Workshops may be made available; attendance at these workshops will normally be in the officer’s own time.
5. OSPRE Part 1 exam will normally last a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes, plus travel time. This should allow for the officer to complete the rest of their tour of duty, unless they have obtained prior authority to utilise TOIL for the remainder of their shift.
6. OSPRE Part 2 exam, a full tour of duty should be allowed and, for the following reasons, the officer given the full day to complete the exam; the distance the officer will have to travel, the nature of the exam and that this will be completed out of uniform. DMS should be updated accordingly.
7. Officers on rest days should request, in advance, that the rest days are reallocated.
8. Participation in the OSPRE Exams is done at the officer’s own expense therefore travel expenses and subsistence are not available for the OSPRE Examinations.

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