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Free and Confidential Debt Advice For The Police Service

Money worries are constantly on the minds of many, and the stress of having to cope with this – coupled with the effect it can have on work, family life, health and relationships – can be all consuming.   Sharing these concerns with the people closest to you isn’t always an option for everyone, but ignoring these worries can make things worse.

PayPlan have been working with North Wales Police Federation to provide free comprehensive advice, guidance and support for anyone struggling with their finances. Our purpose is to help you take back control of your money.

For over 20 years, PayPlan have been helping Police Officers in difficult financial situations and during that time have developed a wide range of practical, long-term solutions that can not only help to manage your money, but also enable you to live your life.  We believe that you can, and should, live a happy life whilst repaying your debt.

For free, confidential and impartial money advice, you can call PayPlan on 0800 009 4146 or visit payplan.com/police.  You’ll find our team of trained advisers understanding of your situation and always on hand to help you find a solution that fits your life.  They will never tell you what to do, but they will offer you best advice, share their experience and help you every step of the way.

Please see below guides that have been produced by PayPlan:-

Moneywise – A quick guide to managing your money

Assess what you owe – A guide to develop your own Income and Expenditure plan

Debt Solutions in Brief – A simple guide to the debt solutions available