Pensions – Auto Enroloment

Every three years all employers in the UK – including police forces – are obliged to re-enrol workers who have previously opted out back into their pension scheme. The intention behind this is to safeguard pensioners and ensure they are provided for in their old age, and that they don’t overlook the opportunity to build up a pension. For police officers this means those who have opted out of any of the police schemes will be enrolled into the Police Pension Scheme 2015 (2015 CARE scheme).

We are aware that some officers – a relatively low number – have opted out of the schemes – but auto-enrolment means you will be re-enrolled, and if you do not opt out again you will have pension contributions deducted from your salary. Clearly this could cause hardship if the deductions are sizable, and if you are not aware of this possibility and fail to act.

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