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Police Federation RTA Legal Assistance Service

If you are a member of the Police Federation of England & Wales and you or a member of your family have suffered an injury as a result of a road traffic accident (RTA) then you are entitled to free legal advice, support and representation to obtain financial compensation.

  • Federation fund rules cover claims for physical and mental injury where someone else is to blame.

  • All claims are authorised by the Police Federation.

  • Specialist nationwide solicitors, Pattinson & Brewer, have been retained to advise and represent you. Pattinson & Brewer was established in 1890, they have worked with the Federation for many years and they represent thousands of accident victims every year. They will quickly help you to find out if you have a claim and ensure you obtain full damages.

You can request a callback or find out more here,

Call back bookings are available if your query relates to a Road Traffic Accident, and can be scheduled from the next working day.

If you need advice and representation in respect of a non RTA Personal Injury claim please contact the Federation Office. Full contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.