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Recall to Duty

Members who are recalled to duty between two tours of duty or rostered shifts may be entitled to overtime.

Members will be entitled to have their travelling time treated as duty, up to any reasonable limit set by the Chief Constable.

Members have to work a minimum of a completed period of 15 minutes when recalled to duty (to include relevant travelling time) before they are entitled to claim an overtime for the recall and will only be paid for completed periods of 15 minutes thereafter.

Answering the telephone does not necessarily constitute a recall to duty.

If a member receives a call which requires necessary action or duty to be performed, this may be a recall to duty, and the member may be eligible for appropriate compensation.

The 30 minute disregard and requirement to work for 30 minutes before any casual overtime is taken into account is to be ignored for the purposes of any recall to duty – see Branch Board circular 8/2016.