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Recall to Duty

Recall to Duty

When you are recalled to duty between two rostered tours of duty.

Appropriate travelling time shall be counted as duty.

The time incurred on the recall, if less than four hours, shall be deemed to be four hours payable at the appropriate overtime rate, i.e. if normal working day, time and a third, rest day/bank holiday, double time.

If you are informed before completing one tour of duty that the next tour of duty has been changed, there is no compensation.


Assume the Force day commences at 07.00.

Having completed a day’s duty on a Monday, you are recalled to duty at 01.00 Tuesday morning.

The duty only lasts two hours at which time you return home.

You are entitled to claim four hours overtime.

You would then be required to carry out normal duty on the Tuesday.

NB: If the duty lasts in excess of four hours, the claim will be for the actual hours worked (plus appropriate travelling time) not the hours plus four hours.

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