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RedArc Plus

RedArc Plus is a telephone support service which provides access to a Personal Nurse Adviser for you and your cohabiting family to provide support in the event of:

•  Serious Illness

•  Bereavement

•  Long Term Disability

•  Stress

•  Telephone Support for people when discharged from hospital

Your Personal Nurse Adviser will be able to assist with:

•  Help in understanding the condition and all its implications

•  Explain options for treatment

•  Help to prepare for consultants appointment

•  Explain medical terms in simple everyday language

•  Help families to cope with consequences of illness

•  Information and advice on home adaptations/specialist equipment

•  Source suitable equipment and medical aids

•  Provide information on entitlements from NHS

•  Helping you to make as speedy a recovery as possible by providing suitable information and helping to navigate into the appropriate services

•  Provide good long term management of your condition

•  Simply a listening ear when you are feeling low, or want to talk to someone who is not emotionally involved

At the discretion of the nurse, when clinically necessary in certain circumstances, they may be able to arrange extra help.

The RedArc service is free of charge and confidential. If you think you may be eligible you should ring RedArc on 01244 625180.