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Review is independant

‘Review is independent’

untitledSir David Normington, the man leading the review of the Police Federation has assured delegates that it is independent. And he is urging Federation members to get involved and give their views on the way the organisation works either through face to face meetings with researchers or through the review’s website.

Earlier in the day, Steve Evans from the Federation’s Joint Central Committee , gave an update on changes to conduct regulations. He explained that the latest regulations s were drafted after a huge amount of consultation with PFEW.

Richard Eccles“We did not win every argument but Steve endorses the fact that they are a good set of Regulations, although many PSD departments did not follow up the introduction with training for officers,” says Richard Eccles, Secretary of North Wales Police Federation.

“The big issue for officers is failure to use Regulation 12 across England and Wales but it was interesting to hear of good practice regarding assessment of the issue in Forces like Cheshire.

The Key factor seems to be engagement by Federation and Head of PSD.  Sad to hear that many Forces are still failing to get the severity assessment right and to re-assess as matters unfold.’

“A great session for any Federation Representative helping colleagues through the process.”

Full reports on all conference sessions will appear in the June edition of Your Voice magazine.