Speculation of Public Sector Pay Freeze


Just a quick note to say, you’ll have seen that in the news this morning there is speculation that in next week’s Spending Review the Chancellor might announce a pay freeze for some public sector workers; there is also speculation that NHS workers may be exempt. 

This does not come as a surprise given the corridor conversations that have been going on in Parliament, but we had no prior notification about today’s news and the Government has been silent about whether it’s correct or not. 

We have put out the following, which will be on our social media channels and I have also done some national media interviews this morning.

‘Unforgivable’ pay freeze for public sector workers would be a betrayal

Following speculation that Chancellor Rishi Sunak may freeze the pay of over 5million public sector workers in his Spending Review announcement next week, the National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, John Apter, has warned government this would be ‘unforgiveable and a betrayal.’

Mr Apter said: “Given the personal  sacrifices made by public sector workers during this pandemic and following years of public sector pay freezes, such a move would be morally bankrupt. My colleagues deserve much more.

“During the pandemic, Government ministers have thanked and celebrated key workers in the public sector, even clapping on doorsteps to show their support. To freeze their pay and penalise these same workers would be complete hypocrisy.

 “In real terms over the past decade, police officers have suffered an 18% cut in pay – so speculation that there is more real term cuts to come will not be well received by rank and file police officers who bravely stepped up and helped to keep the country moving.

“ I am not naïve; I know the country is facing a difficult financial future, but cutting the pay of key workers is not the solution. I appreciate this is just speculation at this stage, but also know how these stories often come out to test public reaction. Well, let me be clear – a pay freeze is not acceptable and would be seen as a complete betrayal by this Government.

“ Next week I want to see the Chancellor shows his support and thanks to public sector workers by making clear that the speculative reports this week were just that – speculation and not reality.” 

In addition,  Alex and I are writing to the Chancellor to make clear that a pay freeze would be unacceptable to the Police Federation and would be seen as an act of betrayal by the members. 

This all ties in with the publication of a report today (20.11.20) by the think tank, Centre for Policy Studies, which calls for a public sector pay freeze: 


Kind regards, 


John Apter

National Chair