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Tax Relief on Federation Subscriptions

You can claim tax relief on your Fed membership

Membership subscriptions of professional bodies and organisations, such as the Police Federation, attract tax relief.

That means if you claim tax relief on the subscription amount paid you can partly offset the cost by paying less tax – the Chancellor pays the difference.

For basic rate taxpayers for each £1 paid in subscription your tax bill could be reduced by 20p. Individual circumstances might apply but you should see how much you could save.

You can claim tax relief by visiting: https://www.gov.uk/tax-relief-for-employees/professional-fees-and-subscriptions

Tax Relief – Uniform Cleaning Allowance

Police officers nationally are entitled to an additional tax-free allowance of £140 a year for uniform cleaning.

All police officers should automatically have this added to their normal tax-free allowance/tax code and the information will appear on your her majesty’s revenue and customs (HMRC) notice of coding as:

14 (FRE) – refers to your additional tax-free allowance (£140) for uniform cleaning

If, after checking your payslip or notice of coding, you have questions about your uniform cleaning allowance, you must contact HMRC direct on 0300 200 3300.

HMRC will ask you for your national insurance number which is on both your payslip and notice of coding, for security checking.

Please note, the force’s Financial Services Department, payroll section, is not able to make these enquiries on your behalf.