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Tom Winsor faces the Federation

Tom Winsor faces the Federation

Many officers may have gone into the penultimate session of Wednesday’s agenda not wanting to like Tom Winsor, author of the two controversial reports on changes to police pay and conditions, but many came away from the meeting finding their attitudes had changed a little.

If there was one common criticism it was that the session, which slightly over-ran its 30-minute slot was too short and did not give delegates enough time to put questions to the new chief of HMIC.

Simon NewportNorth Wales Police Federation representative Simon Newport commented: “I found that the short speech that Mr Winsor gave was informative and precise. Despite being angry with him because of the Winsor 1 and 2 Reports, I found myself finding a new sense of respect for him as he is a very knowledgeable person and showed a new personality.

“I thought he gave a dignified speech remembering fallen officers and paying tribute to the hard work and dedication displayed by officers.

The session could have been longer and Mr Winsor alluded in the session that he could have remained longer.  I felt that conference gave him a professional reception and as a result we did not show ourselves up. The Q and A was too short, however, he answered all questions extremely well.”

Kim OwenFellow North Wales rep Kim Owen added: “I found this to be an interesting session but it was just a shame there wasn’t longer time allocated to questions as there was several issues officers would have liked answering.

“I was a bit confused initially as I had to get my head around the fact that Mr Winsor was actually complimenting the work officers do… He actually acknowledged that police officers have a demanding work dealing with people at their worst. Does this mean that we are no longer uneducated and lazy which was alleged in his reports. It was nice to see and hear him giving us an unconditional promise there won’t be a Winsor 3 which will be good to take back to officers in force… If we can believe what he says of course!”

Full reports on all conference sessions will appear in the June edition of Your Voice magazine.