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Unsocial Hours Allowance

a) A member of a police force in the rank of constable, sergeant, inspector or chief inspector shall be paid an allowance, to be known as the unsocial hours allowance, in respect of every full hour worked by the member between 8pm and 6am.

b) Subject to the transitional arrangements set out in sub-paragraphs (c) to (f), the unsocial hours allowance shall be paid at an hourly rate of 10% of the member’s hourly rate of pay, calculated by multiplying by 6/125200 the member’s annual rate of pay.

c) Until 1 January 2014 the unsocial hours allowance may be paid monthly in arrears at a fIxed rate in respect of any month in which the member works any hours between Spm and 6am, rather than by reference to the hours worked by the individual member.

d) The fIxed rate for a full-time member working a standard eight-hour alternating shift system for a four team pattern is as follows:

i) £100 for constables;

ii) £125 for sergeants;

iii) £160 for inspectors;

iv) £175 for chief inspectors.

e) The rates in sub-paragraph (d) may be altered by the chief offIcer where different shift arrangements apply.

f) The fixed hourly rate for a part-time member shall be calculated by multiplying by 9/1565 the rate for the member’s rank in sub-paragraph (d), or such other rate as the chief offIcer has determined under sub-paragraph (e).

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