Voting has opened!

All members will receive an email either encouraging them to vote or explaining that there is no election in their force.

Please note, once sending begins the system takes 36 hours to complete distribution so you may not receive your voting email until after lunch on 2 March.

Members will get a further two direct prompts (around the 6 March and 19 March) via the members’ database before the voting period closes on 21 March.

How voting works: The email you receive will contain a Unique Voting Code (UVC), these are personal to each member and must not be shared. Members use their UVC to log in to the voting site and cast their vote. Once members log in they are given information to help them select the right constituency to vote in, they are then given a number of votes to select their preferred candidates – they must vote for at least one candidate, but they may be able to choose more depending upon the number of vacancies in their constituency.

Not all constituencies have contested seats so not all members will be able to vote; if this is the case the voting website will let the voter know they cannot vote. Details of any candidates elected unopposed will also be on the voting site.

Members on leave without access to their PNN email: If you are on a form of leave where you do not have access to their PNN email, please contact the Federation Office or your local Federation Rep BEFORE 16th March 2018.

Members who do not receive their UVC: If you have not received your UVC via their PNN email by 3 March, contact the Federation Office or your local Federation Rep.