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North Wales Police Counselling

North Wales Police has a contract for counselling with Caer Health. Caer Health are workplace health specialists who will provide counselling for any individuals who are suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression. Caer counsellors can suggest combined pyschological and medical treatments to help support individuals.

Medical Case Review

General and Benevolent Funds

Police Federation Welfare Support Programme

Officers involved in death or serious injury incidents that result in post-incident investigations or those who are suspended from duty can now access the Federation’s Welfare Support Programme (WSP). To get help, contact must be made initially with your local branch board.

Welfare Support Programme leaflet

The Police Treatment Centres

The charity provides intensive treatments via its Physiotherapy and Psychological Wellbeing Programmes to Serving and Retired Police Officers, PCSOs, Special Constables and Detention/Custody Officers.

St George’s Police Children Trust

The charity helps ease the financial pressures of bringing up a family when life changing circumstances such as the loss of either parent or an injury or illness to the Police Officer parent means they can no longer work.

Police Care

Dedicated to protecting those who protect us. Police Care are there for every frontline officer, and their families, providing national support at local level that no one else offers to brighten and rebuild lives after injury or death on duty.

MIND Blue Light Programme

How to support someone’s wellbeing – This booklet is for friends and family of police service personnel who want to know how to support someone’s mental wellbeing. It explains what can affect someone’s mental wellbeing, and how you can help someone stay mentally well.

Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud is a free online mental health support package. You can access it without needing to go through GP services first and it is designed for anyone over 16 who may be experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, depression or stress.

Given the impact of Covid, the roll out of this direct access course supports those needing immediate help in supporting their wellbeing whilst reducing barriers to accessing support.

The Metropolitan Police Cancer Support Group

The group offers support to police officers and police staff, from any force area, who have been effected by a cancer diagnosis.

Police Charities UK

Department for Work and Pensions


Officer Health and Well-Being

National Police Fund Education Scheme

Read & Write literacy software

National Police Autism Association

An independent body supporting UK police officers and staff who are affected by autism spectrum condition (ASC), Asperger syndrome, dyslexia and related conditions, either personally or as carers for family members.

Veterans’ NHS Wales

Veterans’ NHS Wales is a specialised, priority service for individuals who have served in the Armed Forces, at any time in their lives and who are experiencing mental health difficulties related specifically to their military service (information on priority healthcare for other NHS services is available here).

Any veteran living in Wales who has served at least one day with the British Military as either a regular service member or as a reservist who has a ‘service related psychological injury’ is eligible to use the service.

Tac’s Rest

A fully equipped 6 berth caravan near Aberystwyth, funded by Bobby’s On Bikes, to provide a free week’s stay for families who have been through tough or difficult times.

Health and Safety


North Wales Police Chaplain

Gerald Williams, volunteer chaplain to North Wales Police, can be contacted on 07971 254151.

National Association of Chaplains to the Police

Police Mutual Wellbeing Toolkit

The booklet offers support regarding thinking, understanding and knowing about how to support the wellbeing of staff.