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Working together to benefit police service

Working together to benefit police service?

ConferenceSteveNational Chairman Steve Williams gave a strong message about the need for the Federation to be clear on how it intends to best represent its members during his keynote speech to conference, according to North Wales Police Federation Secretary Richard Eccles.

The speech also had a strong theme on working jointly with all parties from the Home Office to individual officers and Federation representatives.

“It was clear, however, that approach would need to be based upon a system of two-way trust,” says Richard, who was also interested to hear the national Chairman linking his speech and aspirations back to his career and experiences within North Wales Police.

But Richard was less impressed with the Home Secretary’s speech during the same conference session.

“In myRichard Eccles opinion, it was light in detail and content with the announcement of her plans for genuine life sentences for the murder of police officers appearing to be an attempt at winning over the audience, which failed,” he explained.

“In the subsequent question session she failed to deliver any new or detailed responses and there was no apparent compromise on compulsory severance.”

Full reports on all conference sessions will appear in the June edition of Your Voice magazine.