The North Wales Police Federation are continuing to campaign for the brave, dedicated and hardworking police to get some priority for the COVID-19 vaccination. We have written to all North Wales Members of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) and all Members of Parliament in Westminster. Some have responded, some have not. Most that have responded have been supportive of our position and are also making representations to the Governments.

We need to continue to keep the pressure on; it is vitally important that both Governments in Cardiff and Westminster recognise that police officers and staff are at a much greater risk of contracting Coronavirus in their duties. To assist, we have drafted below a suggested letter you can send to your elected representatives. You are, of course, welcome to make your own observations. You can find your MS and MP, and email them, via the website https://www.writetothem.com/, just by entering your postcode.

Thank you for continuing to support our colleagues as they police the pandemic.


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic police officers and staff have continued to go to work and keep us safe. In the line of duty they daily face risks the majority of the public do not have to. Police officers and staff are having to deal with individuals and groups who ignore the COVID regulations by making unnecessary journeys, having house parties and generally having a blatant disregard to the rules. They also have to confront persons who are aggressive and violent and who have no regard to the health and wellbeing of the officers dealing with the situation.

Police officers and staff are human beings. They have loved ones, they have family members and colleagues and every single day they run the risk of coming into contact with a person with COVID, contracting it themselves and then bringing the killer virus back into their own homes. There are countless examples of where this has happened in the country where police officers and staff become very poorly with this virus.

Whilst the vaccination for COVID-19 is being rolled out, I ask that the Government commit to giving policing some priority. We need to protect the protectors who ultimately protect us all. If we have no police then who do we turn to in our hour of need? Our police officers and staff are doing an amazing job in this time of crisis and I call upon you, my elected representative, to now commit to doing everything within your power to make sure we safeguard and maintain that ‘thin blue line’.

Yours sincerely.

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